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Saudi Arabia Blocks Repeat of Umra in Ramadan

By Dalhat Hamid Bello

This Ramadan season, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has come up with a new policy imposing restriction on repeat of Umra, in an effort to ease overcrowding at the Grand Mosque in Makka.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah says no permit is issued for performing two or more
Umrah performance in Ramadan, urging all muslims all over the world to make do with one lesser pilgrimage (Umrah) in the holy month of Ramadan.
The ministry explained that the restriction aims to ease congestion, give others the chance to
undertake Umrah and help in crowd management, according a source from the Ministry in Saudi Arabia.
Fact check from a Saudi government platform facilitating Umrah procedures electronically, Nusuk, reveals that in case of trying to obtain a permit for a second Umrah by the same person, a message would appear reading: “The permit issuance fails. To give everyone the chance to perform Umrah, the lesser pilgrimage can’t be repeated in Ramadan”.

Every year during Ramadan, millions of Muslims from inside and outside the Saudi Kingdom seek for visa and permit to  head to the Grand Mosque to perform Umrah and offer prayers at the Mosque of the Prophet in Madina.
To cope with ever-growing number of worshippers from across all nations, the  Saudi authorities have unveiled a series of measures to help worshippers perform rites smoothly and comfortably.
For instance, to ease difficulties and consgestions, the circumambulation courtyard of the mosque around the Holy Kaaba and the ground floor are designated for Umrah pilgrims during Ramadan, while at the same time authorities have allocated certain gates of the sprawling mosques for pilgrims’entry and exit to further reduce overcrowding to the barest minimum.

As days of the holy month of Ramadan progress, hundreds of thousands are still looking for visas, thus taking advantage of lots of facilities and ease for convenience introduced by Saudi authorities for overseas Muslims to come to the country to perform Umrah.

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