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Bauchi State Speaker Affirms Loyalty to Governor, Dismisses Criticisms

Imam Shehu, Bauchi

The Speaker of Bauchi State House of Assembly Abubakar Y. Suleiman, has reiterated his loyalty to Governor Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad, despite criticisms from what he called as opposition groups.

In a recent Facebook post, the Speaker expressed his cordial relationship with the Governor, generating both positive and negative comments.

Speaker’s Acting Spokesperson, Mukhtar Garba Kobi, in a statement said the opposition’s negative reactions stem from their selfish political interests, aiming to disrupt the harmonious executive-legislative collaboration in the state.

This cooperation he said, had led to numerous developmental projects across the state.

He stressed that the Speaker’s post was a personal expression of excitement over the Governor’s excellent execution of projects, particularly in his local government area.

“The Governor has previously acknowledged the Speaker as his boss, and the Speaker’s reciprocation was seen as a gesture of appreciation.” He said.

The Speaker assured the public that his loyalty will not compromise his constitutional responsibilities as a member and Speaker of the Bauchi State House of Assembly. He urged people to judge leaders by their actions, not personal comments or postings.

The legislative arm remains committed to serving the people of Bauchi State, and the Speaker believes that mutual understanding and synergy between the executive and legislative arms are crucial for achieving social and economic development.

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